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(“Our Language”)
Leshonenu is an academic research journal focusing on Hebrew and cognate languages. The first issue was published in 1928 by the Committee for the Hebrew Language (Va’ad HaLashon), and to date more than 70 volumes have appeared.
Past editors: Avraham Tzarfati, Naftali Hertz Tur-Sinai, Ze’ev Ben-Ḥayyim, Eduard Yechezkel Kutscher, Shraga Abramson, Joshua Blau, Moshe Bar-Asher
Past editorial secretaries: Meir Medan, Esther Goldenberg, Chaim E. Cohen
Current editor: Aharon Maman
Current editorial secretary: Yosef Ofer

> Annual Subscription: $28.5
> Single Issue: $7.98
> Double Issue: $14.82