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Brakha Dalmatzky-Fischler (in collaboration with Yechiel Kara)

Hayyim Hazaz’s Novel “A Settlement in the Woods”: A Linguistic Study

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Historical Dictionary Project

The Mishnah: Kaufmann Manuscript A50, Zera’im-Mo’ed


The Scientific Secretariat

Academy Decisions: Grammar

Yael Reshef

Hebrew in the Mandate Period


Gad B. Sarfatti

Semantic Aspects of Hebrew


Michael Rand and Jonathan Vardi

The Diwan of Samuel Ha-Nagid – A Gniza Codex


Moshe Florentin (Editor)

Studies in Contemporary Hebrew and Its Sources


Moshe Bar-Asher

Studies in Modern Hebrew


Israel Yeivin

The Biblical Masorah


Ilan Eldar

Language Planning in Israel


Chaim E. Cohen (Editor)

Modern Hebrew: Two Hundred and Fifty Years