The Mishnah: Kaufmann Manuscript A50, Zera’im-Mo’ed (Vol. 1)



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The first volume of a new edition of the Mishnah, comprising the orders Zera’im and Mo’ed, has just been published by the Academy of the Hebrew Language.

The Academy’s edition of the Mishnah was prepared according to the Kaufmann Manuscript (A50), considered to be the most reliable manuscript of the Mishnah.

This edition presents the text of the Mishnah as written by the scribe, including its glosses, together with an exact transcription of the vocalization (nikud), which was added to the manuscript afterwards. The tractates are arranged according to the order as in the manuscript. Division of the text into mishnayot appears as in the manuscript, but for the reader’s convenience, the traditional division of the printed editions is also indicated. The mishnaic text is presented with minimal editorial changes – biblical citations appear between quotation marks, partial punctuation and notation of questionable or unusual readings, erasures and additions. Cases of questionable vocalization are indicated. The edition includes explanatory notes concerning the editing of the text.

The volume includes a short introduction by Professor Moshe Bar-Asher. The Academy of the Hebrew Language is currently preparing the remaining orders of the Mishnah. The complete edition will include a comprehensive introduction by Professor Moshe Bar-Asher.

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