Hebrew Apron


Cook your spuds in Hebrew duds!

This apron displays the Hebrew names of various kitchen utensils, along with illustrations from a 1933 visual dictionary of kitchenware, aptly entitled כְּלֵי מִטְבָּח (“Kitchen Utensils”). That dictionary, the second in a series of pocket dictionaries published in the 1930s, was part of the joint efforts of two organizations, גְּדוּד מָגִנֵּי הַשָּׂפָה and הָאִרְגּוּן לְהַשְׁלָטַת הָעִבְרִית, to establish Hebrew as the lingua franca of the Jewish community in the land of Israel.

This knee-length white apron is made of thick, high-quality cotton and has a small pocket and a strap for a dishtowel.

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