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The Academy of the Hebrew Language Publications Department

The Academy of the Hebrew Language publications department was established in 1986 as a separate unit within the mechanization department of the Academy, in order to address the unique needs of the Academy’s publications, which often combine different types of text, various languages and special symbols that are necessary in linguistics research.  It quickly developed into a professional pre-press department working closely with the scientific secretariat and researchers in the Historical Dictionary Project in the preparation of their publications.

Initially, we used the “Kidron” program, an Israeli typesetting program that was appended to the word-processing program “Wordmill.” In 1993, we purchased the 3B2 system for typesetting, pagination and graphics, which had been developed in England and was fitted for Hebrew language publishing.  We used various versions of this program up to 2010 at which time we switched to the Adobe Indesign program.

In 2002, the publications unit became an autonomous department independent from the computing department (formerly the mechanization department), and since then it is in charge of typesetting and production for all Academy publications. Given the publication department’s expertise in the field of language and linguistics, it also handles production of scientific publications dealing with Hebrew language, linguistics and Jewish studies in general from outside the Academy.

Below is a list of the Academy’s periodicals:

  • Zikhronot Ha’Akademya LaLashon Ha’Ivrit (Proceedings of the Academy of the Hebrew Language)
  • Lešonenu (“Our Language”)
  • Ha’Ivrit (“Hebrew”; formerly Leshonenu La’Am [“Our Language for the People”])
  • Mekorot uMehkarim (“Texts and Studies”) – a series which publishes research and editions in Hebrew Language studies and adjacent fields, following the approval of the Academy’s publications committee. Many of the essays are by Academy members.
  • Asuppot uMevo’ot BeLashon (“Studies in Language”) – a series which publishes collections of articles by outstanding scholars in the field of Hebrew language or books featuring comprehensive treatment of topics in the research of the Hebrew language and adjacent fields, designated for those studying in higher education frameworks.
  • Professional Dictionaries – The Academy has published around ninety professional dictionaries and lists of terminology which are a continuation of the approximately one hundred dictionaries and lists of terminology previously published by the Committee for Hebrew Language.
  • Akadem – is the newsletter of the Academy of the Hebrew Language published three times a year. It features items about events at the Academy, reports about decisions taken by the Academy and the professional terminology committees and the activities of the scientific secretariat. It is a platform for presenting the scientific activity of Academy members, short articles by the staff of the Historical Dictionary Project and answers to questions from the public, documents from the Academy archives, as well as for the Lammed Leshonkha (“Teach Your Language”) pamphlets. Akadem is distributed free of charge, and all back issues are available on the Academy’s website.
  • The publications department also publishes special pamphlets containing decisions of the Academy on issues of grammar, punctuation, and transliteration among others.